Choosing a Tenant for your Property in Malaysia

Choosing a Tenant for your Property in Malaysia

How to choose it?

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For tenants or for those who are looking for a property to rent in Malaysia, they see it as discrimination on their part if landlords or landladies will ask a lot of questions or a little bit picky when it comes to tenants who are inquiring about their property. Well for sure it is, in fact, their property and they can choose whoever they want to live in their property. A very good property agent would be, known to have the best properties around Malaysia. Kenanga Point is also an option that you can consider when you are in Kuala Lumpur.

Since Malaysia is a multiracial and multicultural country, there are a lot of nationalities living permanently or as long term workers in the country. There are property owners who have specific qualifications for people to become the tenant of his or her property. But as a property owner, what should be the best qualities that we should look for when choosing a tenant for our property. Check out OUG Parklane if you are in Kuala Lumpur area. If you are in Johor area, do check out Desa Skudai Apartment. Penangites! Check out Puncak Erskine for something to suit your taste in terms of property.

Number one for me is that a tenant should have at least a job or a stable income. Some owners only accept tenants who have a permanent job or a stable income. Consider checking out Kenanga Point if you are interested in properties in Kuala Lumpur. Well aside from that, you can also take a look at Fortune Avenue as well. Because there are tenants who are unable to pay their monthly rent because of financial problems so the owners do not want to be burdened by the financial problem of the tenant. Because it’s like a domino effect, if the tenant does not have a job, then the owner will also not be paid. A few of the best options for properties in Selangor is Riana Green, Metropolitan Square, Koi Tropika and also Perdana Villa.

For me the above mentioned is the only qualification that I will look into when choosing a tenant because that is the only thing that we are looking, right? We are looking for someone to pay us on time at a price that we want. And that is what business is all about earning money. But of course, to most property owners, the horror stories about bad tenants is not new to them and so they screen each and every new possible tenant who wants to rent out their place. Do take a look at Villa Kejora in Penang.

There are some tenants of a certain nationality who does not always consider the cleanliness lifestyle in their house. And even cooks food that is so stinky that you don’t even want to eat the food they are cooking or even get inside their house if they are cooking that certain food. And there are also some nationalities that mess the whole house and when the time comes that they need to leave the property, the owners could spend a lot of money renovating the whole property because no one will rent out the property with its current condition. In Johor, you can consider taking a peek at Taman Putri and get more insights into properties there.

In the end, a property owner will lose a lot of money instead of earning. Property owners should also look out for possible tenants who are a sweet talker. They usually pretend to be good payers and tell a lot of stories about their job or whatever. But in the end, they keep on promising and will not pay the rent. But of course, it is so hard to tell once you meet these scammers because they will really make you believe that they are really good people. Check out Aseana Puteri for more information on a property in Selangor. Aside from that, you can also check out Surian Condominium to make sure that you are well-versed with the best insights on properties in Selangor. Another property in Selangor is Casa Tropicana, a known property. In Subang, it would be USJ One Avenue, a popular property among students living in Subang Jaya. Aside from that, check out Main Place Residence as well if you are looking for a property in Subang Jaya.

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