6 Types of People You Meet In Office

If you work in an office, then you must be aware that the workplace is sometimes like a ‘zoo’ filled with all sorts of personalities and styles. The coherence of the atmosphere and the environment in the office for example has a magical power that can show the personality side of the employee that we have never witnessed.

As in all work environments, one way to improve the way we interact and work with each other well is by identifying each other’s personality types, weaknesses and strengths. Without such initiatives, we will have a hard time working with a positive atmosphere.

First: Most Committed Person You Have Ever Known

Group of young modern people in smart casual wear communicating and using modern technologies while working in the office

If you are aware, this type of over -committed employee rarely says ‘no’ and always offers to do everything in the office and is even seen coming home late from the office. Such a personality is good for productivity in the office, but it also sometimes causes discomfort for other employees.

Second: Queen / King of Gossip

One of the most common employee personalities seen in every workplace. Those with such personalities like to tell other people’s stories and want attention. If you interact with them often, please be careful. This is because there is a possibility that they are also gossiping about you behind your back, even though you obviously already know their nature.

Third: Antisocial 

These antisocial workers are not ‘lonely’, they just feel calm alone without being accompanied by anyone. They also don’t mind if they don’t have close colleagues because they can ‘survive’ alone. It is also very rare to meet these people at any company event. Sometimes even at lunch they can just disappear.

Fourth: Magpie Mouth or Si Kepohchi

The personality of this employee is closely related to the queen / king of gossip, but what differentiates the two personalities is that the kepohchi is a friendly person with everyone in the office. Such personalities always ‘volunteer’ to be the host of the event or who always wins the karaoke championship. The office will of course feel lonely if these people are not present at the office.

#5 Drama Queen

In every office there must be a ‘drama queen’ where they like to express their feelings dramatically to attract the attention of the public. Most of their speech and behavior is to gain sympathy from colleagues. This ‘drama queen’ is also difficult to expect in completing tasks because every decision is made based on emotions, thus disrupting the quality of work.

#6 The Funny One or Office Clown 

Among the personalities of employees who are liked by many are those who are called ‘office clowns’. But, there are also those who are not happy with such personalities because they are often considered not serious with the job. These often enliven the atmosphere, without them the office may feel lonely and dull.

Based on the person that I’ve stated above, there are more people that you can meet in your office. Seriously, those people are going to make your career better. If you are in search for fully furnished office for rent KL

Vivien Valerie