Are you in the right place? Tips to Get the a Good Location

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Are you planning to put up a house? A business perhaps? Or are you planning to rent an apartment or a condominium? Let us just say that you are planning to build an apartment for you to stay and for business too. Before you start acting on your plans, you should have the exact image in your mind on the things that you want to happen and the things that you want to have, what you don’t like and how you are going to achieve it. There are a lot of things to think about when it involves building something. It may cause you a massive headache; however, these considerations should not be taken for granted. Among these considerations, there is this point that people often mistakenly take for granted that causes them a big problem that is not easily repairable.One of the most important things to consider is Location. If you planning to get a property for yourself try visit

Here some tips that you can follow to be able to get a good location for your building.

1. Know the Purpose or “Theme” of your Project

Whatever you do, however and wherever you do it, it is very important to know first the purpose and reason why you are doing it. Before you decide the location of your apartment building, analyze first what you want to happen to your apartment building. If you want it to be a successful business, you would want to build it in the center of the city. If you want your apartment to be a successful business but with the theme of relaxation and stress free environment, then you would want to place your building in a quiet, relaxed and refreshing environment without the toxicity of the city. Places like Subang Jaya, Malaysia and Petaling Jaya can be a good location for those who want easy access to the city. On the other hand, a place like the rural area of Pandan Indah is a good place for those who like a stress free environment.

In short, identify what you want your building to be and then analyze what type of location that can support the image that you want.

2. Demographics and Neighborhood

You would not want to put your building near the highest crime rate area nor would you want it put in a landslide zone or accident prone area, right? Before selecting the location, check first the status of the neighborhood within the area. Is it safe? Are the people friendly or do they usually mind their own business? Malaysia’s Gombak apartments are acknowledged to be located in a friendly and safe environment, perfect for living.

It is said that there are two most important things to check in demographics. The first one is your target customers. Is the target market able to afford your business? The second point to check with regards to demographics is the manpower requirements. It is a big advantage if the location that you will pick will not only be able to give you the customers but also the manpowers that you will need.

3. Local Ordinances and Community Regulations

Do not forget to check the local ordinances of your apartment’s location. Make sure to research regulations that have been established in the community that is related to the project you are building. You would not want to have an illegally established building as this is not a good way to start your apartment or any other buildings.

Selecting the Building’s location will have a big impact on the stability of the business that is why a proper study of the location should be done to ensure the future of the investments. 

Vivien Valerie