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Branding For A Small Entrepreneur

Sometimes when starting out as a small business owner, we hardly think about how to have an effective branding strategy. Our mind revolves around creating the best out of our business and sell the most. Frankly, we cannot do that in this day and age without proper branding service Malaysia or simply mastering the ropes of branding all by ourselves.

So what is branding? Branding is the discipline of creating an identity for your business. Contrary to common belief, a lot of things can be branded. This includes yourself, an organization, an animal, and ofcourse, your small business. Your business does not have to be a multi-million dollar business to be worthy of a branding strategy. A multi-billion dollar business does not get there without a branding strategy nailed down in the very beginning. After all, branding is the essence of your entire marketing plan. 

branding service Malaysia

When it comes to branding, another thing small entrepreneurs should think about is how distinctly different marketing is from your branding. You cannot expect your marketing agency to do the same things as your branding agency does. Nor can you expect to multi-task your way into branding and marketing. Both of these need a clear scope of plans and designs. Branding needs, its elements, identity, mantra, and every little component that is built to create a good identity and image for your business. A faceless one that has no meaning does never fell in the competitive market. Even if your business is one of a kind, it needs a branding strategy. 

So how can you go about building one for your business?  If your business is small and you cannot afford to splash out all the money on a branding agency, here are some things you can do to get started. 

First of all, this is the step you should and must do all by yourself. No amount of outsourced agents can help you define who you are. Once you figure out who you are, you can figure out what makes you different from the rest of the businesses. Why should your customer come to you instead of going to another business that probably sells the same thing? Your branding should include what makes you so different from the rest. Figuring out is the road to building the brand identity. 

Next, you should figure out who your target customer is. Do you know about their age? Their preferences? what do they like and how react to brands like yours? When it comes to branding, you cannot appeal to each and everyone in the market. The way you brand yourself will define the type of customer that is attracted to you and who is most likely to shop from you. No matter what be careful in choosing the type of design, elements, and colors that are aimed to attract your target market. People who do not fit your target audience are not going to be useful for your sales and you will suffer as a business in the end. The end goal is to get the attention of a customer your business is targeted to and make sure they are profitable for your business. Having branding allows us to create a deeper connection with our customers and make them longer-term, loyal ones. 

Vivien Valerie