breastfeeding cream malaysia

Breastfeeding Cream Malaysia

One of the most challenging tasks in the world is raising a child. For some women, becoming a new mother marks a significant life success. What to anticipate when you’re pregnant? Do you intend to have a child this year? Are You freaking out because you have no idea what to prepare or buy? Do not worry; here are a few new mothers breastfeeding things you might wish to try and purchase including breastfeeding cream malaysia and a nursing pillow. 

Breastfeeding Cream

breastfeeding cream malaysia

Your infant may need to be fed up to 13 times per day, and breastfeeding sessions can last up to an hour at times. Your nipple might get sore as a result of all this new suction, pressure, and saliva. Consider cracked or sore lips brought on by the sun or wind. 

You moisturise them to calm and protect them as well as to aid in their healing since the more you moisten them by licking them, the more dry and damaged they become. The same applies to your nipples.

It may not be necessary to take a prescription medicine to treat sore, cracked, bleeding nipples that are the result of an inadequate latch or a dry climate. It could be beneficial to use an over-the-counter breast cream, ointment, or lotion made specifically for nursing mothers. 

However, the appropriate course of action for your specific circumstance should always be discussed with your doctor. One of the calming moisturisers may be suggested by your doctor. These remedies can be used to treat bleeding, cracked, and irritated nipples without risk.

Baby Lotion

After the vernix has properly fallen off, new mothers can begin to apply baby lotion to their babies skin. Although the skin is already wet and sufficiently moisturised, you can add baby lotion if you notice that it is becoming dry.

After taking a bath is the ideal time to apply the baby lotion. After a bath, the skin of some babies could feel dry. Some mothers make it a habit to bathe their babies before bedtime. After that, using a baby lotion to create a calm atmosphere might help the baby get a good night’s sleep. Only place the lotion on the dry area. Their skin is sufficiently moisturised, aside from the dry patch.

Look for free artificial scents and colouring. The newborn lotion must not contain any fragrance. Sometimes, aromas might stifle a baby’s breathing, which can lead to asthma later on. Make sure there are no preservatives in the lotion. This is the ingredient that is most likely to trigger allergies and irritate a baby’s skin.

Nursing Pillow

breastfeeding cream malaysia

A breastfeeding nursing pillow supports your infant by raising their position while they are being fed. It differs from a typical baby pillow in that its main objective is to assist mothers in reducing hand pain when they are pumping breast milk. Mothers may believe that they can just use any pillow in their home, but a nursing pillow ensures that your baby will fit precisely and won’t cause any back pain.

It makes it possible for the baby and their mother to have a secure latch. For a latch to be successful, your body position while holding the infant is essential. This will be simple if you use a nursing pillow. 

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