Cloud-Based Analytics: Enabling Everyone to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Analytics cloud have come a long way over the last few years. Data visualisations, executive dashboards, prediction tools, and artificial intelligence are some of the technologies that may help in strategic decision-making (AI). Most analytics, however, still need the aid of IT and data experts. SAP analytics cloud Malaysia is the best choice of experts to manage your analytics cloud.

According to a Forrester, around 60% of highly wanted analytics jobs need IT or data expert assistance. This condition hinders employee engagement and the achievement of desired results, especially since an increasing number of users want dependable insight into all processes and elements that affect their daily workflow.

Why is this such a big deal now? There is much too much at risk for businesses not to be really data-driven nowadays. They must move to analytics cloud not only for executives making strategic choices, but also economic fluctuations, social variables, technological developments, and climate change.

The Era of “Analytics for Everyone” Begins

Employees often see a list of past-due accounts, an accounts receivable statement, and a sales performance view. However, by today’s standards, those skills are not analytics. Instead, they’re fading skills of a bygone era that will soon be forgotten. Today’s decision-making requires more than just providing static operational data; it must also incorporate real-time, intelligent analysis of next steps and future options.

Many organisations are enabling employees of all ranks and skill sets to make decisions that have a significant impact on their business and community by using cloud-based, predictive analytics, such as the SAP analytics cloud Malaysia.

Bumble Bee Foods LLC, for example, has increased its brand equity with retail purchasers and customers by facilitating a market premium for fair-trade products through more transparency. Together with nonprofit groups, the firm analyses fish purchase trends and data to discover past performance and enhance current-day catches in California’s local fishing communities.

This sophisticated approach to analytics has the potential to transform ordinary decision-making into a powerful driver for corporate success while lowering the risks that businesses confront in these difficult times. Companies with business strategies, product portfolios, operations, and supply chains intended to fulfil customer and investor preferences for environmental sustainability are at the forefront of this transition.

Users can trust their business reasoning from the boardroom to the office desk to a customer encounter, and previously concealed insights may become well-advised actions that improve company outcomes. More significantly, anybody can participate in the data-to-value chain, analysing corporate data, asking the relevant questions, receiving real-time responses, and moving ahead to help the business thrive and grow as well as a sustainable life.

Find out how SAP analytics cloud Malaysia can help your company track carbon targets and achieve sustainability goals.

Vivien Valerie