Frozen food rumours

Frozen food rumours.
Frozen food isn’t all bad, many people have believed the bad rumours and myths frozen food products have been associated with.
One such rumour is that frozen food is not as healthy as fresh food. While this is true in most cases, it isn’t in all. Let us take fresh fruit as an example. You might assume that the fresh fruit or vegetables you pick at the market are better than their frozen counterparts, while this is true for freshly picked produce, it should be noted that after at least 3 days of picking the produce, it loses some of its nutrients. This time period given is plausible depending on where the produce is sourced, if it is sourced from another country, it most likely is at least 3 or 4 days since it has been picked. Frozen food can be picked when it is at its freshest, and that freshness can be retained during the freezing process.

In 2013, The University of Georgia conducted some research on the nutrients in frozen food and fresh foods and their condition 5 days after purchase. They found that the fresh has fewer vitamins and minerals than frozen after 5 days.

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Vivien Valerie