Get to Know More about SAP Big Data

Seeing the growing number of people in the world, the quantity of offices also increases. This makes the supervisory method of the leadership of today’s employees different from conventional models. Currently, all companies are starting to crawl towards digital life, not to mention their monitoring model. On the other hand, the more workers in an office, the more files or documents are sent, and it makes it difficult for the company to monitor one by one. With the presence of the digital world in the company, now everything is easier and more effective. This can be demonstrated by the presence of the SAP Big Data system within the company.

SAP or System Application and Product is software based on Enterprise Resources Planning which is used to manage the daily activities of an organization or company. The system was built with the aim of helping to streamline management, monitoring, and information processing activities within a company. If the throwback is a bit back at the beginning, SAP only handles financial problems within the company. Meanwhile, currently they are able to handle many tasks such as controlling sales, production, inventory management, to HR management. Of course, all thanks to the modules that are continuously improved and mutually reintegrated so that SAP can provide the information needed by the company in every activity. While Big Data is the concept of grouping or collecting data on a large scale, which consists of various types of data, including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

Big Data Analytics has several models, such as:

  • Big data analytics diagnostics that are useful for seeking insight into specific issues. The process may include performing data recovery, data mining, and tracing.
  • Descriptive big data analytics or this process summarizes data from the past into a form of data that is easy to read. From this data, you can make profit, sales, income reports and so on.
  • Prescriptive big data analytics, where this type of data analyst works by using predictive and descriptive analysis data processes to determine solutions to certain problems. Part of the process relies on machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Predictive big data analytics, which is this type of analysis using artificial intelligence, data mining, and machine learning methods to analyze current and past data in order to make the right predictions in the future.

The presence of SAP Big Data itself brings lucrative benefits, not least for businesses. SAP coupled with Big Data often makes it easier for business actors to market their products to consumers and is accompanied by evaluating actions or monitoring distribution activities. Examples of Big Data that are often used by business people are user activity data on social media, such as the number of likes, comments, and so on. Where user activity data on social media is often used to decide what products to make or present to customers, as well as consideration in placing advertisements and creating marketing campaigns. In general, this analysis has several main benefits, namely:

  • Faster decision making, where analysis and new data sources, help businesses make decisions more quickly through analyzed information and data.
  • The use of data allows businesses to observe various patterns and trends about customers. So the business can recognize its customers and know how to make loyal customers.
  • Data analysis will make it easier for businesses to know current market conditions, so companies can know what actions to take in the future.

Vivien Valerie