Home Is Where The Heart Is

In this modern era that we are residing in, a number of people still do not have a place which we call home. This is because the cost of living has increased drastically over the past few years making it hard for them to keep up. Not only that, the economy has since fallen into critical turmoil having many to loiter around the streets with no proper shelter to go back to. Most prominently in the United States where homelessness is deemed a massive nation-wide problem that has yet to be resolved notwithstanding the advancement. Unlike rental units in Tropicana, those in the US are typically expensive. Despite that being a struggle to the poverty-stricken, many of whom are born in a well-to-do family and a stable roof atop their heads remain unappreciative to whatever fortune they are bestowed upon birth. Calling out to those who perceive going home to their family as a stumbling block interfering with their undertakings, here is why home is where the heart truly is. 

Adults and kids sitting on the grass in a garden

Home Is Where The Family Gathers As One 

You may be adequately lucky to have numerous trustable and reliable boon companions sticking by your side throughout all thick and thin; but sorry to say, you only have you at the very end of the day. They may already be of a great helping hand out in most struggles you have faced but they cannot be there for you 24/7. The only ones you can depend on throughout your lifetime is you yourself, along with your family members, provided they are not toxic. 

Siblings aside, parents are two most deserving of appreciation. They may not be there all the time to reassure their love for you, but trust me they are the only ones who will stay till the very end. I have spent approximately 15 years out of home pursuing my studies, and no matter how close I was to some of my friends, my parents are the only one who can truly be there for me ultimately. I have experienced this dozens of times hence the understanding. 

Regardless of any state of affairs, whether it is regarding life, relationships, or even financial; try to maintain an open communication with your parents. If you cannot go back to them physically, make full use of digital technology and initiate a quality conversation with them, preferably everyday. Let them know that you care, and they will thus provide you with the assurance whereby they can still be of great help when you need them to. 

Bottom Line

This is entirely based on my own viewpoints after so many years residing away from my family thus the acknowledgement that at the very end of the day, you only have your beloved parents to rely on. To reach out to them, you must go back home in Tropicana, and there is where the realest of heart is at.

Vivien Valerie