How Solar Power Is Revolutionary

Technology and oil companies are hand in hand when it comes to transitioning the world to a place of fear of carbon emissions and full of environmentally friendly alternatives. The world has been under countless technological inventions since the invention of technology. The purpose is to improve the quality of life and to make the world an easier place. Both oil companies and technology joined forces to make our daily transportations easier and faster. They made flying across the world possible. They brought fluidity and growth to the tourism industry. They became the backbone of many economies around the world. So of course. Such giant forces such as technological innovations and oil and gas Malaysia must be working for the betterment of the world right? 

One of the biggest breakthroughs of tech innovations and energy transitions of oil companies are Solar energy. Solar energy, referring to the radiation from the sun that produces heat and is capable of generating electricity. This energy form is attractive because it is renewable and it has the power to reduce carbon emission across the world by a million every year.

If we were to truly switch to solar energy, the world will not be the same. how is solar energy changing the world? As we speak, billions of dollars are being invested into solar energy transitions across the globe so let’s talk about how solar energy is revolutionary. 

Sun is a very powerful source of energy. To be able to capture it and harness it into endless forms of technology is truly life-changing. It provides groundbreaking results for many families who do not have consistent access to the conventional sources of electricity. These families find it easier to take care of themselves and their household with the assistance of solar energy. And it is much better news for organisms currently suffering from large carbon footprints. The power of solar energy is currently being tested and used on various forms of technological devices and vehicles. Such as buses, trains, airplanes, cars and boats. Don’t be surprised that next time you go on a cruise, the cruise has several solar panels installed for electricity. 

The most attractive and revolutionary point of capturing the power of the sun’s energy is how it significantly reduces carbon emissions. Carbon emissions come from cars, landfills, chemical plants and they exist because we burn coal, oil , gas and other solid waste. Everyone is involved in a form of carbon emissions and it is currently killing the world. Carbon emission refers to a type of greenhouse emissions that come from releasing carbon dioxide and it’s trapping in the atmosphere. 

Carbon emissions are the most abundant forms of emission and they ultimately cause climate change, they raise sea levels, cause pollution, endanger species, change ecosystems and affect the biodiversity. The food chain is also interrupted as a result and this directly involves humans as well. Ofcourse, animals are not the only ones suffering from the great effects of climate change. Our physician health, the food we eat and the crops we harness also have changed as a result of climate change. Many lands are in danger of being washed out or lost to drought and extreme heat. In the other part of the world crops don’t survive and this contributes to some heartbreaking conditions of poverty. 

Solar energy has the power to change all of these for the better by greatly reducing carbon emissions and making the world a better place to live and breathe.

Vivien Valerie