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How To Be An Environment-Friendly User?

Being an environment-friendly user is not by wearing green, boycotting plastics, and being vegetarian. It is a lifestyle, a habit that we have developed in our life for a long time. It is our responsibility to reduce pollution, protecting the eco-systems and protecting nature. 

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Everybody can become an environment-friendly user. All you need is the knowledge on how to become one, and you will be doing a good thing for the planet and yourself. These are some of the steps that you can slowly start to become a better user and consumer. 

  1. Recycle 

We all know what is recycling, but have we actually done it in our life? Have we actually sat down and sort out all of our trash into the right recycle bin? Well, if you never do it maybe this is the time for you to start doing it. Recycling is when we sort all of our trash into categories like papers, glass, metals, and plastics. By recycling not only we can reduce pollution but it can also help to save energy. So start to recycle our trash before throwing it into the trashcan, who knows the item that we recycle can be made into second products. 

  1. Necessary items 

When going outside to buy groceries or shopping, practice making a list of all of the necessary items that we need. Do not buy things that we don’t need. Buying unnecessary items can sometimes lead to pollution and the greenhouse effect. Plus, we will be spending more money than what we need. That is why when buying things it is good if we can make a list beforehand. This way, we will know what item is necessary for us to buy and avoid making an unnecessary purchase. 

  1. Environment-friendly products 

It is good to read the labels when we are buying products. We want to know if the products are environment-friendly or not. For example, when you are buying stearic acid Malaysia you need to read the labels to know what are the chemicals in the products and if it is safe to use for your environment. 

  1. Water bottle 

Instead of collecting plastic bottled water in your room, purchase a water bottle that you can use every day. There are many options for you out there. They have different sizes, designs, and colors. Just choose your favorite and you will do a good deed to the planet. 

  1. Upcycle 

Before throwing all of your unused stuff, double-check it and see if you can make anything good out of it. There are many DIY projects that you can try to do using the stuff that you no longer use. For example, instead of throwing away the jeans that no longer fit you what don’t you try and make a tote bag out of it. This way you will save a lot of stuff and you can make a lot of stuff for you to use. 

There are many more steps that we can do to become a more environment-friendly user. Take small steps and slowly changing the world for a better cause. 

Vivien Valerie