polypropylene pipe fitting malaysia.

How to choose fittings for polypropylene pipes?

Installation of a heating or water supply system in a cottage or a country house, as a rule, requires a lot of time and labor. The key points of this process are design, procurement of material, as well as assembly of the configuration according to preliminary calculations.

And if in the process of developing a project you can use a huge number of variations in laying the pipeline, then the choice of material is quite limited – it can be either metal or polymer.

When making a choice in favor of metal pipes, the owner of the house needs to find a welder, and also take care of the delivery of a sufficiently massive material. From the point of view of benefits in the scope of work, in ease of transportation, as well as in the durability of the solution, the use of polypropylene pipelines significantly benefits. The assembly of such a system will require a special compact welding machine, as well as a competent selection of pipes and fittings made of polypropylene. The rules for choosing the latter will be discussed below.

What are polypropylene fittings used for?

The assembly of a water supply or heating system from polypropylene components can be carried out:

Adhesive Method;

Using Fittings.

polypropylene pipe fitting malaysia.

The first method, in its essence, does not imply the subsequent disassembly of the system, if such a need arises. Fittings, being a short piece of pipe with a slightly larger diameter, can be reused, just like pipeline elements. Installation with this method is carried out using a low-temperature soldering iron.

Varieties of polypropylene pipe fitting Malaysia.

The connection of pipeline elements is carried out using products of a wide variety of configurations. The most common types of polypropylene fittings are:

Bends And Corners With Different Radii;

Tees That Allow You To Implement Branches;


Adapters With Which Elements Of Different Diameters Are Connected;

Couplings Connecting Two Pipe Sections;

Fittings – For Connection With A Flexible Hose;

Plugs Mounted At The End Of The Pipeline.

When installing heating, among others, special fittings are used in the systems, passing from polypropylene to metal. This allows you to connect the pipeline with radiators, boilers.

Polypropylene fittings – systems

The high popularity of polymer products is due to many advantages. Firstly, they have a very reasonable cost, which is not comparable to the price of metal pipes. Secondly, the service life of such systems is at least 50 years, due to the fact that the material is not subject to corrosion. True, there is a reservation here that the temperature of the circulating liquid for such a long-term operation should not exceed 70 degrees.

In the water supply system, polypropylene pipes and fittings can last the entire declared period. They have an absolutely smooth inner surface, are not clogged with deposits, and are absolutely clean in the environment. Low-temperature soldering of polypropylene fittings is very reliable, subject to technology, the likelihood of leaks is extremely small.

The only drawback of polypropylene is the impossibility of their operation at liquid temperatures above 110 degrees and high pressure. Such conditions can lead to deformation and rupture of the pipeline.

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