How We Can Take Care Of Our Mental Health During The Pandemic

The covid 19 has done a major number on our mental health. Having us locked in for so long with zero to little human contact and the only reliance on social support through a digital screen has left us screaming for help. 

Our economy is truly not the only thing that went downhill within the past year. Since 2020, we have been stuck and this has become the new norm. People had to find different ways to cope with the stress of being in quarantine and fighting the loneliness that came with the pandemic. Depression and Social anxiety are allowing becoming an epidemic in many various regions of the world. Teenagers and adults who are prone to self-harm and suicidal thoughts are left with nothing but the help of suicide hotlines for their support. The phones have been frequently ringing and mental health workers are under a burden they have never imagined. 

Many organizations have come together to run various campaigns to ensure that everyone has got the support they need. From creating online chatting platforms to online support groups and zoom meetings, online social meet-ups, websites where people can gather and hang out, seeking help from strangers, and conducting social media mental health awareness campaigns, the list simply goes on. We have prepared the best we can for the pandemic by investing in high-tech gadgets like Dr.Clo Malaysia, but no one has warned us on how to prepare our mental health for the stress of the pandemic. 

Let’s take a look at different ways we can cope with the extreme distress of the Pandemic!

Take Care Of Your Physical Being 

We cannot ease our minds without easing the stress that is in our bodies. Watching Netflix 24/7 and binging on Cheetos does nothing but put our bodies in unnecessary turmoil. Instead of spending our time binge-watching and binge eating, take the time of the day to do something to make up for the lack of movement. This does not have to be about an intense exercise routine but even simple dance sessions to get your adrenaline going. Dancing, doing Zumba, walking and jogging in the house, or even a tiny scroll in your backyard is good enough to take care of your body. Combine this physical movement with healthy eating to ensure your body gets all nutrients instead of constant sugar rushes from junk food. 

In addition to eating well and exercising, we need to take our time away from the buzz of Covid 19 on the media. Whether it is social media or the TV, take a break from the horrible news and recharge. Hearing bad news every day and sleeping to the sound of bad breaking news does nothing but deteriorate our mental health. Take frequent breaks from the news and social media as you take frequent efforts to connect with yourself. Spend some time lathering yourself with beauty products and face masks or read an interesting book!

Speaking of connection, it is also important to talk to your family and friends during the pandemic. The power of digital media ensures that we are connecting even if we hundreds of miles apart. Video call, chat and even play games with them online to deepen the relationship.

Vivien Valerie