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Life before vs after Internet

Remember when we used to anticipate for our favorite TV shows to be aired on television when we were young? Or when we had to patiently wait for the next episode of our favorite television series to be aired next week or the next day. Yes! That was how our life was before the takeover of the internet. Our lives can be different before and after the internet and this article will show the difference for you.

Jom Apply tm pakej internet

Experience of watching movies was different back then 

The release of new movies is always an exciting scenario now and before. We used to watch movies patiently anticipating for the movies to be released in theatres like today. The released movies will be delivered in a CD or DVD form from which we can watch the movies at our homes. The DVD players were in everyone’s house back then. However, we need to wait for some time to get a clear copy of the movie to release on DVD. Some people will borrow DVDs from people who already have them. The internet allows us to stream movies through online streaming platforms to watch movies anywhere and anytime. We do not have to wait for the next episode of our favorite shows. The online platforms release all the episodes by each season on the online streaming platforms. This is one of the benefits of having internet services.

The usage of phones

Ever watched the early 2000s movies? They will have a rectangular-shaped- like thing with a wire hanging with it. Yes! It is called landlines or telephones. The usage of mobile phones is very much vital in today’s time. Back then people only communicated through landlines and some people had pagers where we could send a text to others. The internet allowed us to communicate with anyone through our mobile phones. Facetimes and social media helped us to communicate with anyone around the world with the usage of internet services. Some quality internet services allow us to benefit from it.Jom Apply tm pakej internet is one of the quality internet services. 

Listening to songs

Back then, we could listen to songs via radio and it slowly evolved into the creation of mp3s. Before mp3, the songs needed to be recorded on tapes so that we could listen to them again and again. The tapes will save the songs where we can listen to the recorded songs by inserting them into a radio. With internet services, we can listen to songs on websites and audio streaming applications. You can listen to the songs immediately in repeat mode without having to wait for it. 

Social media

There were no social media back then. Social media allows us to communicate and learn many things from each other. With the internet service, the creation of social media happened. Social media became an important medium for people and businesses which is possible with internet services.

There is more multitasking at the office

With the usage of internet services, workers can finish multiple jobs at work and work-from-home is possible with the internet. 

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