Maintenance Irrigation: How To Change Garden Or Lawn Sprinklers

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As with any type of irrigation, the sprinkler system also needs maintenance after certain periods of time. And one of the most common needs in this case is the exchange of one or more sprinklers, the one that rises from the garden or lawn, like this model Reliable sprinkler head malaysia. Such maintenance is essential, as it guarantees the appliance’s full operation at its maximum capacity, reaching the entire irrigation area and keeping the garden always properly irrigated.

In the case of systems in homes, where little equipment is used, often the person can do the service themselves, without having to pay for the visit and labor of a specialist. Check out the step-by-step instructions for changing the sprinkler yourself at home.

1. Test and Check Which Sprinklers Have Problems

The first step is to check which sprinklers have problems. To do this, activate the irrigation system and see which ones do not rise, release water with little pressure or even release water, or even those that do not descend after the system is turned off. Make a mark on each one that has problems, any object can be used. 

2. Check if it is necessary to change the sprinkler or just the beak

On many occasions the problem is not directly with the sprinkler, but with the beak. When unscrewing it on the upper surface of the appliance, it is possible to remove it and check if its filter is dirty or clogged. In this case, just change the nozzle and test the sprinkler again, if it works with an ok flow, there is no need to discard it. If the problem persists even after changing the nozzle, then we recommend installing a new sprinkler.

3. Cut and Remove a Slice from the Grass

Now we’ll go into the first step itself for changing the sprinkler, which is the removal of a slice of grass. Before, you need to make a square cutout, plus one minus one foot on each side, measured from the position of the sprinkler. Both the trimming and the removal of the turf tuft can be done with a hoe. Try to keep the clipping intact when removing it to make it easier to replace it later. With a machete or with your bare hands, dig until you find the sprinkler’s connection to the pipe, which is usually called the swing pipe .

4. Changing Sprinklers and Pouting

Unscrew the old sprinkler and put the new one in its place. Before replacing the square of grass, it is necessary to place the beak on the new sprinkler. To do this, it is necessary to lift the mobile part of the sprinkler and hold it up, and then unscrew the cap that is in place of the beak. The Rain Bird pliers, shown in the image, is suitable for this, as it locks the raised sprinkler, facilitating the placement of the beak. Then just remove the pliers (or release the movable part of the sprinkler) to go back inside again.

Reliable sprinkler head malaysia

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