Need to open new account for online banking Malaysia! 

In this technology world they will be more used to online things. For now it was more focused on open new account for online banking Malaysia. They say that online banking is better than usual banking. So that is why people must open new account for online banking Malaysia. They will use this and it is a lot easier than usual banking. It was a basic thing nowadays because many people use it. This just has problems for older people that are not good with technology. The start is that more people use it when the pandemic comes. 

So many people try to avoid having physical contacts, even just passing the cash. It was more recommended to use online transactions, faster and quicker. If you need to use cash you need to find the cash first and if there are any coins that need it will be harder. For online banking it just needs to scan qr code if there is anything that needs to be paid. Other than the transaction will be easier, just need to transfer it online. Before this many people must go to the bank and transfer the money manually. It will be slower and make other people wait. 

Importance money saving


It was important for the parents to teach their children to save the money and make their own tubes. Always talk to those who need to save their own money for their education. It will be better to save your own money for future education. We don’t know how much we need for our own education. Education not just needs to pay the fee but our own expenses in the daily. 

We don’t know how much we need for our daily needs like eating, drinking or any snacks. So if we keep the money at a young age it will be better to get a good education in future. Also the money that we save we can use to pay for anything related to education. Maybe it was like buying books or anything that they needed. Also in future you don’t need to inconvenience your parents in future. Your educational life will also be good because the money you save can help you in urgent things. 

Short terms goals

It was not just for long term goals, to save money and it can even  short-term goals. Like the examples if you need to go for trips so it will be good. There are many people who like to save their own money, like going to concerts. This is more for the young people who like to save money to go to any events or concerts. For now many young people love to go on short trips like to Thailand, Korea and more. 

They will start saving the money to go to the place and do any activity there. It was really many young people who think differently than older people that save money for long term goals. But it was dependent on people that needed to save the money goals.  Not all reasons to save money for the future but just enjoy anything you want to do.  

Vivien Valerie