Sex Toys Recommendation To Try

Sex toys have become the choice of women to satisfy themselves, whether they are alone or far from their partner. Usually, women tend to be secretive about this and prefer to buy sex toys online to avoid embarrassment. But if you really intend to buy it online, you need to make sure whether the sex toy is safe to use. Secret Cherry has famous sex toy shop in malaysia. Here are some things you must pay attention to before choosing a sex toy.

Some sex toys are made without paying attention to the side effects that may arise from the materials used. Phthalates are chemicals contained in sex toys that are flexible. Other hazardous materials are timethytin chloride, phenol, carbon disulfide, toluene and admium. These five substances are harmful to female fetuses who are pregnant or breastfeeding. How to tell whether a sex toy is dangerous or not can be seen from the price and smell. If the smell is very strong, you better buy a sex toy that is safer.

Clean after Use Sex Toys 

Secret Cherry has famous sex toy shop in malaysia

Even though you always clean your sex toy after use, bacteria can still thrive if your sex toy is filled with pores that are difficult to clean. Meanwhile, non-porous sex toys can be cleaned with warm water and are easier to clean. If you want to use a porous sex toy, you should cover it with a condom to make it more hygienic.

Although flexible, jelly sex toys usually contain the chemical phthalates. The rubber or latex material used to make sex toys has a strong odor and can cause allergies. While PVC and vinyl are materials that also use phthalates to make the surface of the sex toy look smoother at a lower price.

Use and Buy Silicone Material Sex Toys Rather Than Other Material 

Silicone material is a flexible material that is most often used for making sex toys at a higher price. You can also choose a sex toy with stainless steel because it is very easy to clean. Sex toys made of glass or borosilicate glass are safer and the temperature does not change in any situation.

What Sex Toys Would We Recommend To Try 

Blindfold and Hand Tie

For a hotter sex sensation, you and your partner can try role-playing. One of you is both wearing a blindfold and his hands are tied to the end of the bed or something.

While the other couples act as dominating figures. This figure will provide various unexpected stimuli that cannot be resisted by a partner whose hands are tied and their eyes are closed.

Tickling Toys (Feathers) 

For couples who are not used to using sex toys, tickling toys can be a great start.

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Yes, you can try synthetic fur that is used to tease sensitive areas of your partner’s body. If your partner is ticklish, even aroused when you feel ticklish, tickling feathers can certainly be a powerful sex toy to stimulate men and increase women’s arousal. Go to Secret Cherry has famous sex toy shop in malaysia. 

Vivien Valerie