Should You Commute By Driving Or Using The Public Transport

Sunway Damansara
As Malaysians, we have a dilemma when it comes to commuting. As a place where traffic congestion is common, we have to think thoroughly about whether we want to commute by car or by public transport. Albeit, both methods of transportation have their pros and cons.


The pros of commuting by driving are the convenience. Unlike commuting by public transport, you do not have to wait for the scheduled time to get going. All you have to do is to get into your car and start driving. Anytime you want. To add on, commuting by driving is so much faster as compared to commuting with public transport. If you live in an area with little to no public transportation, then driving is the best way to go.


The downside of driving in a traffic congestion prone area is the traffic. It is not a pleasant experience to get stuck in traffic. During traffic congestion, a supposedly 30-minute ride will turn into 2hours if the traffic situation is bad. Thus, wasting a lot of your valuable time. Next, depending on what kind of car you are driving, petrol is expensive. If you find yourself commuting to another city often, you will find yourself having to refuel your petrol constantly. However, with cars now being fuel-efficient, this is something that should not be a major issue.


The reason why there are some places that suffer a lot of traffic congestion is due to many people prefer to drive, not enough public transportation, and badly designed public transport routes. However, the pros of taking public transport is that you won’t get stuck in traffic. Even though you need to sacrifice a little bit of your convenience, you get to save a lot of time by commuting by public transport. If you commute by bus, you will still be stuck in traffic. Taking the train is much better than taking the bus if you want to avoid the jam.


The reason why many of us still avoid taking public transport is that it is not convenient for us. By taking public transport, you have to wait for the scheduled time for the transport to arrive. Not exactly practical if you are in a hurry. Besides that, not all areas have easy access to public transport. If you are living somewhere remote, and you want to visit your friend at Sunway Damansara, it will not be easy to find public transport to travel there. Practically, you are better off commuting there by car or by motorcycle.

Although there are pros and cons for both methods of transportation, traffic congestion is a serious issue here in Malaysia. Even though public transport has improved a lot compared to many years ago, we still have a long way to go to shift the majority of us to use public transportation to commute.

Sunway Damansara

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