erw saw pipes malaysia

The fundaments of erw pipes

How erw saw pipes are made 

Electric resistance with a low or high frequency is used to create ERW steel pipe. There is a longitudinal welding seam in the manufacturing of it.  The electric current that flows through the contact surface of the welding region creates heat during the ERW pipe welding processes. It works in heating the steel’s two edges to a temperature where they can actually fuse together. This causes the edge of the pipe billet steel to melt and then extrude together with the help of  the combined pressure. The help of both pressure and force given is what makes the production of the erw saw pipes. 

Pipes available 

There are several different pipes that are manufactured by the domain erw pipes being the stainless steel one, carbon steel one, and also the API ones. Each one of these has significance when it comes to the usage of it. It can be used for different purposes. The erw saw pipes malaysia are generally used to transport liquid and gaseous materials like oil and gas. It could withstand both low and high pressures which makes it the suitable type of pipe used for oil. More ERW steel pipe is being put into use in the oil and gas sector, the automobile industry, and other industries as a result of the advancement of ERW technology in recent years. Just like ERW pipes there is also another type of pipe that is almost similar to it which is the HFW pipe. 

Differences between ERW pipes and HFW pipes 

When we talk about ERW welding, we’re talking about the heat produced by the resistance to current flow that passes through the joined metals. The entire surface of the steel plate or coil must therefore be electrified to the length of welding, which requires a significant current. Electricity is passed across the entire conductor at 50/60 Hz throughout the ERW welding process. When this occurs you know that the welding process is successful and you are able to put the welded pipes into use. However it is important for you to check thoroughly for any loopholes before putting the pipe material into use

The HFW welding process on the other hand has slight indifferences when compared to ERW welding. Since only a portion of the steel metals are heated by the induction of an electric coil, the HFW welding process is different from the high-frequency welding method as seen in the usage of the ERW pipes. Either an AC current or a DC current can produce high-frequency. The constant current welding generator and the constant voltage high-frequency welding generator are employed in these situations which makes both these pipes different. This pipe is also put into use for several different uses according to the situation.

Vivien Valerie