The importance of Social Media Marketing

Why SMM is crucial in this day and age

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Ever since the birth of friendster. The world has seen an exponential increase in the amount of people using social media. The best part of all of this is that social media has incorporated itself that people have an addiction to use it and check it every couple minutes to hours. This means that since people are so engrossed in social media. Businesses can take advantage of this and use the platform to potentially generate more revenue for the company and they do this by marketing themselves on these social media platforms. It’s the future for most companies and they’ve started to add more into their budget for marketing and a significant portion of that budget is only dedicated to social media marketing. But the question that it poses and what most people want answered is why is it so important and is it effective. Well the short answer is yes and here’s why.

  1. Driving traffic to your website

One of the things that you can do with social media marketing is to market your website or your business on certain social media pages and use that as a tool to revert the traffic back to your website in order to gain more daily viewers. The key to making this successful is by taking the data that is normally presented from said social media pages. You can also get your own data and use it too but it will not be as accurate as the ones that you can get from the social media pages itself as they understand and can interpret the algorithm they’ve built a little bit more accurately and effectively. You can in return take the data that you’ve gotten from these social media pages and use them to better understand who your customers are and what they want. This will in return get you a better success rate as you’ll be hitting the right demographic of people that will buy your product or service.

  1. Digital Marketing

One of the winning points in the use of Social Media Marketing is the fact that you can utilize it to digitally market your business. One of the things that social media marketing can help with from the perspective of digital marketing is search engine optimization or SEO to help make your businesses digital footprint be more visible. For instance, if you’re selling baby products Malaysia, customers are able to find you when they search for the products on search engines. There are things in the world wide web known as SEC or search engine crawlers that will crawl websites and take note of everything that is there. If there are articles or postings about your website or the name of your website attached to it then it will think that there are people are talking about your company and they will bump up your search engine ranking so that more people can see your business when they search certain keywords up. 

Hopefully these reasons are good enough for you to start incorporating social media marketing into your marketing agenda to help build the foundation of marketing for your business in order to succeed. If you think that doing these things are too complicated then you can just find the top 10 digital marketing agencies malaysia has and use one of them. Know more at

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