Ways To Keep Your Partner Satisfied

Having a healthy sexual relationship is just as important as having a healthy emotional relationshp. The intimacy shared between two people allows them to bond for life. However, if that intimacy fails to be maintained for the lengthy periods of the relationship, it might become a problem. So, to avoid that you need to keep your connection as partners strong emotionally and sexually.

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Humans get bored easily. As in, they tend to get used to situations at a fast rate, and they fall into a routine. The same concept applies to sexual intercourse sessions. You and your partner will enjoy the first couple of sessions, but soon enough the routine becomes overdone. You are then faced with challenges such as unsatisfactory sessions, and uninteresting performances. You will soon become fed up, as will your partner. Your cravings for sex will decrease, and the both of make up excuses to avoid the sessions. No one is saying that you completely stop having sex, it is just that when you do, it is stale and forgettable. This is the last thing you need in a relationship, especially if you and your partner have a long way to go together.

There are many ways you can spice things up in the bedroom. However, do approach these ways as open-minded as possible. You need to also take them with caution, because your partner might not like some of them. Before you do anything, you and your partner need to discuss boundaries and standards. Draw a line as to what you are comfortable with, what you are anxious of but keen to try, and what you dislike. These things can take your relationship to the next level. 

Here are a few things you can try out with your partner to spice things up in the bedroom. If you do it right, you and your partner will reach toe curling, back arching, shivering orgasms at the end of the session.

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The first thing you can do is to try out roleplay. This activity usually occurs before the sex. It allows the both individuals to feel turned on, and it sets the mood up for the session. However, most people tend to skip this part, particularly cis-gendered men. In heterosexual relationships, men tend to overlook the need of roleplay with their female partners. They don’t seem to understand that women take a longer time to be turned on compared to men. It is quite easy for a man to be erect, but for women it takes time and patience. You need to take some time out of the session to prepare her for the intercourse. There are many roleplay characters and personalities you can get on. Talk with her and see what she likes, then move on from there. 

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Next, you can also introduce some sex toys in the mix. Sex toys are game changer for relationships. They bring people to another level of ecstasy. These toys are built for sexual pleasure, so you know they can get the job done. You could also skip roleplay with sex toys because it makes women achieve climax much faster. Ready to try sex toys with your partner? Check out Secret Cherry for the best female sex toys!

Vivien Valerie