What is The Best Value of Chemical Storage Cabinet Selangor?

Chemical Storage Cabinet Selangor is one of the important components in a laboratory. This is because, with the chemical storage area, all chemicals used for research can be stored safely in it. Because usually the chemicals in the laboratory are dangerous, especially if they are spilled or contaminated which has the potential to cause fires and even explosions or corrosion. Therefore, these chemical storage bins are made using materials that are explosion and fire resistant as well as high anti-corrosion.

Chemical Storage Cabinet Selangor

What are the Chemical Storage Cabinet Selangor Benefits?

Chemical storage or commonly referred to as chemical storage has a place to store chemicals that have high corrosion properties and are dangerous if exposed to direct contact with the body. With this Chemical Storage, chemicals can be stored safely in it. This chemical storage is made of selected materials which are guaranteed to be anti-corrosive, explosion-proof and fire-resistant. The function of Chemical Storage is to store chemicals, where the storage of these chemicals must pay attention to the characteristics of the chemicals, it is not allowed to store chemicals randomly because it will cause contamination and can be fatal. Therefore, there are several types of Chemical Storage, ranging from Corrosive And Flammable Chemical Storage.

Before stepping on the explanation of Corrosive Chemical Storage Cabinets, we must first know what corrosive chemicals are. Corrosion is a process that causes damage to materials (metal, iron, etc.) As a result of this corrosion process, there is a change in the color of the corroded metal or iron, causing porous and reduced strength of the corroded metal or iron, and corrosion can cause pollution to the surrounding environment. In chemicals that are corrosive, some of them easily undergo the process of evaporation with acid, while some of them are easy to react with water vapor. Then the process of evaporation of this acid causes damage to the structure of both materials or laboratory equipment and is toxic to the human body.

Chemical Storage Cabinet Selangor

How to Use Chemical Storage Cabinets?

Things that need to be considered in using chemical storage cabinets are actually the same for every type of chemical cabinet, namely the first one should not be careless in storing chemicals, it must be adjusted to the content of the chemicals used so that they are not contaminated with other materials. This relates to the type of each Chemical Storage which has a special character that is designed not to be easily damaged when exposed to chemicals. Second, put the chemical in a safe place away from direct sunlight and the place is not humid.

  • Corrosive Chemical Storage or this Corrosive Chemical Storage Cabinet must be in a cool place and adequate air ventilation so that the chemicals stored in it can be safe and last a long time. And separated from other buildings.
  • Bottles or containers used to store chemicals must be ensured to be closed and given an identification name so they are not forgotten and confused.
  • Painting is done on items made of metal around the storage cupboard, trying to paint it to avoid corrosion. 
  • What must also be ensured is that the walls and floors must be corrosion resistant, and equipped with adequate air ventilation and good exhaust ducts.
  • Inside the Corrosive Chemical Storage Cabinet must be equipped with a beam that will act as first aid for workers if exposed to these hazardous chemicals. 
  • In the chemical storage process, separate chemicals that are corrosive and toxic chemicals to avoid unwanted reactions that will endanger laboratory workers.

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