Why Do We Study Science?

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Science is one of the significant subjects we learn at school. It is such an interesting subject with so many facts and knowledge that we can learn from. So, why should you study science? If you are interested in science, you might want to know how to study science foundation course in malaysia. To begin with, science helps us to get a better understanding of the world around us. Everything, literally everything around us is related to science. The oxygen we breathe in and out, the sunray, and how our organs work are the closest examples of how science revolves around us. 

Reasons to Study Science

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Before knowing the solid reasons to study science, let’s get know to the real definition of science first. You might think of science and immediately the vision of a thick textbook or the facts that you have to remember popped out in your mind. It is actually more than that. Science is a methodical process of accumulating and organising knowledge about the universe in the form of provable explanations and predictions. The origins of science is said to be discovered around 3000 to 1200 BCE in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. There are a few reasons why do we need to study science:

  1. Understanding how the world works

Science and the world are related in so many ways. The fact is that everything you see and feel is science. To understand the world and your surrounding, learning science is a must. When you encounter a question regarding something, there is  a probability that there is science behind the answer. Hence why, science plays a significant role in our life. 

  1. Helps to develop problem solving skills

Finding solutions to many questions has to do with science.There are various questions that have been answered and has yet to be answered. By learning science, you could be the one who find the answers to all the unanswered questions. Isn’t that fun?

  1. Offers numerous benefits especially for students

Studying science offers uncountable amount of benefits. It opens the door to your future especially those who are interested in pursuing their study in any field of science. There will be plenty of careers awaiting them, for instance, doctors, scientists, nurses, pharmacists and many more. It all depends on their capabilities and passion to pursue in respective fields. 

The Three Branches of Science 

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When we learn science in primary school, that was just the basic science. It is more like a mixture of different branch of science, all mixed up together in one textbook. Growing up, most of us would learn different types of science. The three branches of science are: 

  1. Physical Science

Physical science is one of the branch of science that deals with inorganic materials, or nonliving materials. Physical scientists have the ability to make fresh discoveries about how matter functions and the other world events or phenomenon. Physical science encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including chemistry, physics, and astronomies. 

  1. Earth Science

Earth science is the second type of the three branches of science is natural science. Natural science focus on the studies of the earth’s minerals and atmosphere. Earth scientists can contribute to a better understanding of the earth and how humans might safeguard it in society. There are many different sorts of earth science and job opportunities. Geology and meteorology are the common examples of earth sciences. 

  1. Life Science

The final type of the three branches of science is life science. The study of living organisms such as animals, humans, and plants is encompassed within the life sciences. Studying life science would help you to get a better understanding of the living organisms.  Agriculture, ecology and biology are the examples of life sciences

Science and its existence has helped us in so many ways. Without science, there might be no inventions such as the technologies that we have been using these days. By studying science, more people would contribute to the growth of it and you might be one of the people who find the answers to all the mysteries and unexplainable questions. 

Vivien Valerie