Why women should know about industrial automation

In this current era, the whole world is fighting for women empowerment. Women all over the world have finally realized that they should fight for themselves in a world that is mostly dominated by men. Women realize that they could stay like that forever where their ability, their idea has been denied and rejected countless times just because they are a woman. Even some men realized that and are standing in solidarity with them to fight for women empowerment. This matter still needs to be highlighted and upheld because there is some mentality where a woman can’t stand above or beside them because they denied their ability and they feel challenged by that matter. This matter cannot go further if they are still depending on men in some matter such as heavy-duty things or industrial automation. 

Why should a woman take this matter seriously? There are a lot of reasons because of this. A woman should take this issue seriously because if they can do all this by themselves, they are successful against the mentality where they should not stand beside a man or above them. The first reason why they should know about heavy-duty matters such as industrial automation is if they know about it, they can settle issues relating to it by themselves. They may also be able to participate in any event about industrial automation. Even men would have to admit that this is a good idea as women would be independent.

The second reason why women should take part in industrial automation is for them to be open to the option of working under that field. A leading automation industry is the northern region of Malaysia, Elcomp is always waiting for women to join their company not only in the office handling company accounts and admin work but in the actual production area where the product is being made. As an automation company in Penang, Elcomp is always trying to give a chance to anyone who has knowledge and experience in industrial automation to be a part of their team. It is actually a good thing because if the team has women between them it actually would benefit them as they have more candidate options and eventually will be able to find dedicated workers. It creates a healthy competition in the company. Elcomp also can prove to the world that women are also able to  participate in heavy-duty matters such as industrial automation. 

Women are also able to solve the problem in that matter themselves without waiting for anyone else to solve it for them. It is a reasonable reason as to why they should take this matter seriously. It not only will save time waiting for someone else to solve it for them but they also can prove that they can settle it themselves without depending on anyone else, especially men. We do not deny that in some problems a woman does need men to help them in that matter, but it’s to prove that without anyone else, a single woman can solve it in no time without relying on anyone else. Again it denied some mentality where women can’t solve their own problem or they only can solve the easy one. 

The next one is a heavy-duty section such as the automation industry usually led by men. They always choose the male because it is a preconceived notion that men make better and wise leaders. But what if a woman leads it? They will always try to reject the idea of women leading a big company such as Elcomp just because a woman could be emotional. Discover more advantech products Malaysia. We can refute that assumption because there are many examples that prove women can lead too For example, New Zealand has a woman who is the prime minister. She has proved to the world that women can lead too and are able to make wise decisions that will benefit everyone. The country seems to be more forward than the country led by men. They seem to make a wiser decision that can bring the country better than the other country that is led by man. A woman can always fight for it and deny the mentality where a woman cannot lead some organization. To conclude, the fight for women empowerment can bring a lot of positiveness to society. They also can stand beside a man in striving for the best for themselves. 

Vivien Valerie